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7000Name Plant Stats Price
(Salvia Officinalis cv)
P, 2', sun
Great taste, purple flower.grey-green velvety leaves,mounding type

7003 Name Plant Stats Price
528_31.jpg - 4kb Blephoraphylla
(Salvia blepharophylla)
P, 2-3', sun
Reddish foliage with rosy orange flowers

7004NamePlant StatsPrice
bog salvia
(salvia uliganosa)
P, sun
Water loving, invasive

7005 Name Plant Stats Price
Canary Island
(Salvia Canariensis)
P, 4', sun
Beautiful mauve flowers

7006 Name Plant Stats Price
426_16.jpg - 9kbClary
(S. viridis)
A, 18", sun
Large hairy gray leaves with pretty blue or multicolored teardrop flowers

7007 Name Plant Stats Price
B-P, 4', sun

Rounded leaf, dish-like with pink, purple and white flowers

7008 Name Plant Stats Price
P, 4', shade
Bell-shaped purple flowers, trailing vine

7009 NamePlant StatsPrice
(Salvia clevelandii)
P, 5', sun
Upright growing plant with beautiful bright blue flowers and grayish foliage. Very striking. Heavenly scent

7012NamePlant StatsPrice
(S. coccinea 'Brenthurst')
P, 4', sun
Pink flower for landscaping; medium green foliage; known as Texas sage

7018NamePlant StatsPrice
Costa Rica
(Salvia sp)
P, 6', sun
Giant deep blue flowers

7021NamePlant StatsPrice
(Salvia discolor)
P, 2', sun
Grey-green leaves with light underside. Purple-black flowers. Pleasant fruity scent.

7024NamePlant StatsPrice
Dwarf Gray
(S. officinalis)
P, 12", sun
Common sage good for culinary uses.

7063NamePlant StatsPrice
papple.gif - 11kbDwarf Pineapple
(S. elegans)
TP, 12", sun
Dwarf variety with same uses as Pineapple sage

7027NamePlant StatsPrice
426_07.jpg - 10kbEcuador
(Salvia ecuador)
P, 2', sun
Light green foliage with medium blue flowers

7030NamePlant StatsPrice
426_06.jpg - 9kbElectric Blue
(S. chamaedryoides)
P, 2', sun
Beautiful blue flower spikes. Adds good color to landscape

7031NamePlant StatsPrice
(Salvia, sp.)
P,4-5', sun
Large red flowers, beautiful!

7033NamePlant StatsPrice
(S. officinalis Icterina)
P, 18", sun
Lovely chartreuse-yellow leaves enhanced by deep green veins. Good culinary sage

7039NamePlant StatsPrice
528_37.jpg - 4kbGreggii, pink
P, 3', sun
Drought tolerant; Mix and match with other colors; pink flower

7042NamePlant StatsPrice
528_32.jpg - 4kbGreggii, red
P, 3', sun
Drought tolerant; Hardy for landscape

7036NamePlant StatsPrice
426_02.jpg - 9kbGreggii, Chiffon
P, 3', sun
Drought tolerant; Beautiful for landscape; yellow flower

7045NamePlant StatsPrice
426_18.jpg - 10kbHolt's Mammoth
(S. o. 'Holts Mammoth')
P, 18", sun
Large gray-green leaves, purple flowers. Culinary

7048NamePlant StatsPrice
Honey Rose
(S. microphylla)
P, 3', sun
Dark green foliage, red stems, topped by red flowers

7051NamePlant StatsPrice
Indigo Spires
(S. 'Indigo Spires')
P, 4', sun
Beautiful bush sage with deep blue flower spikes. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies

7054Name Plant Stats Price
528_24.jpg - 4kbMexican Bush
(Salvia leucantha)
P, 4', sun
Gray-green elongated leaves with purple or deep rose spikes and small white flowers

7057NamePlant StatsPrice
528_27.jpg - 4kbMueleri
(Salvia Muelerii)
P, 1', sun
Deep purple flowers. Sprawling habit

7060NamePlant StatsPrice
papple.gif - 11kbPineapple
(S. elegans)
TP, 4', sun
Lovely pineapple scented leaves with brilliant magenta flowers. Use in drinks, jellies, and on chicken. Attracts hummingbirds

7066NamePlant StatsPrice
426_10.jpg - 11kbPurple
(S. officinalis 'Purpurea')
P, 18", sun
Purple aromatic foliage. Use in stuffing, omelets, soups and stews

7072NamePlant StatsPrice
Van Houtii
(Salvia sp)
P, 5', sun
Red flowers; brilliant in landscape

7069NamePlant StatsPrice
426_12.jpg - 9kbVariegated
(S. officinalis 'Tricolor')
P, 18", sun
Aromatic foliage with white and pink streaks. Good culinary sage

7075NamePlant StatsPrice
White sage
(Salvia Apiana)
P, 5', sun
White flower, very strong fragrance

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