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9000 Name Plant Stats Price
(Aloe Vera)
Good for skin rashes and burns. A traditional healer.$4.95

7003 Name Plant Stats Price
528_31.jpg - 4kb Blephoraphylla
(Salvia blepharophylla)

Reddish foliage with rosy orange flowers

P, 2-3', sun

9003 Name Plant Stats Price
(A. archangelica)
Culinary, medicinal; profuse, self-seeds; grow for its beauty

426_36.jpg - 9kbAnise
(Pimpinella Anisum)
Grow for seed. Use in cookies and ethnic cooking

1030 Name Plant Stats Price
426_34.jpg - 9kbArugula
(Eruca vesicaria)

Spicy, nutty salad green. Very tasty
A, 10"

1180 Name Plant Stats Price
426_38.jpg - 9kb Bee Balm-Citriodora
(Monarda citriodora)
Large beautiful pink flowers. Tea herb. Good dried flowers
TP, 36", sun

1200 Name Plant Stats Price
Bee Balm-wild
(Monarda Fistulosa)
Lavender colored flowers
TP, 24", sun

1210 Name Plant Stats Price
(Stachys Officinalis)
Pink-lavender flowers; beautiful in full bloom; enjoys partial shade
HP,2', sun, ps

1220 Name Plant Stats Price
(Borago officinalis)
Prickly leaves taste like cucumbers. Eat when very small or blanch. Beautiful star shaped blue flowers, edible
A,2', sun

1225 Name Plant Stats Price
Borage white
(Borago officinalis)
Prickly leaves taste like cucumbers. Eat when very small or blanch. Beautiful star shaped white flowers, edible
A,2', sun

1260NamePlant StatsPrice
(Nepeta cataria)
The plant some cats go wild over. Pretty gray-green leaves and pink flowers.
P, 30", sun

1262 Name Plant Stats Price
Cat Grass
Red winter wheat. Aids digestion in cats.
A,2', sun

1265 Name Plant Stats Price
(Catmint Mussinni)
Great landscape plant, ground cover

1270 Name Plant Stats Price
528_46.jpg - 4kbCatmint
(Nepeta Faassenii)
Low growing plant with very pretty purple flowers. Drought tolerant.
P, 8", sun

1360Name Plant Stats Price
Asian Cilantro
(Polygontan odoratum)
Grow this perennial indoors year round. Broad leaves, creeping habit. Excellent flavor
TP, 6", ps

1480Name Plant Stats Price
528_44.jpg - 3kbBronze Fennel
(Foeniculum vulgare nigra)
Decorative form of fennel with red-bronze, lacy foliage. Use same as green fennel.
P, 5', sun

1550 Name Plant Stats Price
Bush Germander
(Teucricum Frutean)
More bush type; great for landscape
P, 2', sun

1280Name Plant Stats Price
426_29.jpg - 10kbCat Thyme
(Teucrium Marum)
Great for landscape, cats love it!
P, 12"-18", sun

1320NamePlant StatsPrice
(Anthriscus cerefolium)
A, 12", sun
Delicate leaves have mild anise flavor. Add to dishes at the end of cooking

1330NamePlant StatsPrice
(Aliiurn schoenoprasum)
P, 1', sun
Onion chive with pretty purple flowers. Use leaves and flowers for color and flavor

1350NamePlant StatsPrice
426_19.jpg - 10kbCilantro
(Coriandram sativum)
A, 2', sun
Green leafy plant used in Asian and South American cuisine. add to spicy hot dishes.

1370NamePlant StatsPrice
(Symphytum Officinalis)
Full sun, medicinal; 3-5 feet; invasive

3090NamePlant StatsPrice
Curled Parsley
(Petroselinum crispurn)
P, 12", sun
Ruffled, bright green leaves great for any recipe calling for parsley. Attractive garnish.

1390NamePlant StatsPrice
Curry plant
(Helichrysum angustifolium)
P, 1' , sun
Wonderful curry-scented foliage. Provides decorative silver edging in formal beds. Tiny mustard colored flowers

1400NamePlant StatsPrice
(Anethum graveolens)
A, 3', sun
Finely cut foliage. Use fresh as dillweed to flavor soups, potato salad and fish.

1420NamePlant StatsPrice
Dukat Dill
(A. graveolens 'Dukat')
A, 3', sun
Strong flavor and high oil content

1430NamePlant StatsPrice
(Echinacea purpurea)
P, 2', sun
Cone flower Widely known for its medicinal qualities. Lovely purple daisies bloom July-September

1440NamePlant StatsPrice
P, 2', sun
More drought tolerant than purpurea

1460NamePlant StatsPrice
426_39.jpg - 10kbEpazote
(Chenopodium ambrosioides)
P, 4', sun
(Wormseed) Strong scented foliage used in Mexico and Guatemala for seasoning corn, black beans and fish

1410NamePlant StatsPrice
Fernleaf Dill
(Anethum graveolens)
A, 18", sun
Dwarf plant, excellent for dillweed production, slow to bolt. Nice flavor

8005NamePlant StatsPrice
Fernleaf Tansy
(Tanacetum vulgare'Crispum')
P, 3', sun
Finely cut curled leaves, very decorative in landscape. Spreads readily forming a large patch.

1500NamePlant StatsPrice
(Chrysanthemum parthenium)
P, 2', sun
Green leafy plant with small daisy-like flowers. Leaves infused in tea are said to reduce migraine attacks

1515NamePlant StatsPrice
(Digitalis purpurea)
pink and cream "thimble"shaped flowers

8008NamePlant StatsPrice
528_07.jpg - 3kbFrench Tarragon
(Artemisia dracunculus)
P, 12", sun
The true tarragon and one of the finest culinary herbs. Aromatic, fragrant leaves are used in many dishes, salad dressings, fish, vegetables

1340NamePlant StatsPrice
Garlic Chives
(Aliiurn tuberosum)
P, 1', sun
Delicious mild garlic/chive flavor. Used in salads, soups, omelets, White flowers.

1290NamePlant StatsPrice
German Chamomile
(Marticaria recutita)
A, 18", sun
Finely cut foliage topped with white daisy-like flowers that are used to make tea.

1540NamePlant StatsPrice
(Teucrium chamaedrys)
P, 2', sun
Nice upright edging plant with dark green glossy leaves and rosy flowers

1510NamePlant StatsPrice
Golden Feverfew
(C. parthenium 'Aureum')
P, 2', sun
Decorative golden foliage with small daisy-like flower

1570NamePlant StatsPrice
Gopher Purge
(Euphorbia lathyris)
B, 5', sun
Repels gophers if planted close together to form a root barrier

1580NamePlant StatsPrice
(Heliotropium arborescens)
TP, 2', sun
Lavender flower, medicinal, perfume, potpourri; evergreen

1605NamePlant StatsPrice
528_02.jpg - 3kbHops
(humulus lupulus)
P-pt sh
perennial summer vine, a climber; available in July

1610NamePlant StatsPrice
(Marrubium vulgate)
P, 2', sun
Wrinkled, woolly, heart-shaped leaves used in past as remedy for coughs

1590NamePlant StatsPrice
Hyssop Blue
(Hyssopus officinalis)
P, 2', sun
Refreshing aromatic scent; potpourri, culinary, ornamental

4000NamePlant StatsPrice
Italian Parsley
(P. c. var. neapolitanurn)
B, 3', sun
Dark green, flat leaf with strong flavor. Popular variety

4030NamePlant StatsPrice
Jerusalem sage
(Phlomis fruiticosa)
P, 3-4', sun
Landscape; fragrant yellow flower

1620NamePlant StatsPrice
Lamb's Ears
(Stachys byzantina)
P, 1', sun
Soft, woolly silvery-gray foliage resembling lamb's ears in appearance and feel

1810NamePlant StatsPrice
Lemon Balm
(Melissa officinalis)
TP, sun
Light green, lemon scented foliage. Used in salads, fish dishes and fruit drinks.

1820NamePlant StatsPrice
426_47.jpg - 9kbLemon Grass
(Cymbopogon Citratus)
P, 6', sun
Lemon flavor for soups and vegetables; toning revitalizing, antiseptic

1830NamePlant StatsPrice
Lemon Mint
(Monarda citriodora)
P, 2-3', sun
Lemon bergamot), purple flowers, blooms late summer

1840NamePlant StatsPrice
528_35.jpg - 3kbLemon verbena
(Aloysia triphylla)
P, 6-10', sun
Foliage has strong fresh lemon scent. Dried leaves retain fragrance for 2-3 years. Ideal for potpourri; infuse in tea

1850NamePlant StatsPrice
426_50.jpg - 9kbLicorice mint purple
(Agastache foeniculum)
P, 3', sun
Large purple flower spikes have wonderful licorice flavor. Use in tea, fruit salads,

1630NamePlant StatsPrice
Lion's Ear
(Leonotis Leonurus)
P, sun
Orange flower; to 6 feet

1640NamePlant StatsPrice
Lion's Ear Menthifolia
(Leonotis Menthaefolia)
P, 4-5', sun
Light orange flower

1870NamePlant StatsPrice
426_46.jpg - 9kbLovage
(Levisticum officinale)
P, 2', sun
Large, aromatic leaves with celery flavor. Used in soups and stews

1890NamePlant StatsPrice
mexmint.gif - 10kbMexican mint marigold
(Tagetes Lucida)
P 3', sun
Good substitute for french tarragon. small golden yellow flowers are edible.

1900NamePlant StatsPrice
426_51.jpg - 8kbMilk Thistle
(Silybum Mariamun)
B, 5', sun
Rosette of bright green, white-veined spiny leaves; culinary; medicinal

1920NamePlant StatsPrice
(Verbascum thapsus)
B, 5', sun
Giant fuzzy gray leaves topped with tall spikes and yellow flowers.

4010NamePlant StatsPrice
(Pogostemon cablin)
P, 3', shade
Leaves have very characteristic scent often used in perfumes and incense throughout the world

4040NamePlant StatsPrice
(Chrysanthemum Cinerariifolium)
P, 20", sun
White daisy-like flowers, insecticide

1300NamePlant StatsPrice
Roman Chamomile
(Chamaemelum nobile)
P, 6" sun
Very low growing plant used for ground cover. Does not like heat. Not drought tolerant

4050NamePlant StatsPrice
528_22.jpg - 4kbRose Campion-red
(Lychnis Coronaria)
P, 4', sun
Ruby flower on long stem, beautiful

5080NamePlant StatsPrice
426_64.jpg - 10kbRue
(Ruta graveolens)
P, 3', sun
Leafy gray-green plant with pungent smell

4020NamePlant StatsPrice
426_24.jpg - 10kbRussian sage
(Perovskia Atriplicifolia)
P, 3-4', sun
Ornamental blue flower, beautiful

1230NamePlant StatsPrice
Salad Burnet
(Sanguisorba minor)
P,18", sun
Small finely cut leaves have a cucumber flavor. Great in salads

7084NamePlant StatsPrice
(Santolina chamaecyparissus)
P, 2', sun
Bushy shrub adds nice silver-gray color to landscape. Yellow flower

7081NamePlant StatsPrice
(Santolina virens)
P, 2', sun
Bushy shrub with thin spiky leaf branches and tiny yellow flowers. Has strong menthol odor which repels insects

6010NamePlant StatsPrice
(Scutelleria baicalensis)
P, 3',sun-ps
Medicinal, violet blue; flowers in summer

6020NamePlant StatsPrice
Self Heal
(Prunella Vulgaris)
P, 3', sun

7078NamePlant StatsPrice
426_21.jpg - 10kbShallots
(Allium cepa)
P, 18", sun
True shallot with mild onion flavor. Brown skin with purple white flesh.

1520NamePlant StatsPrice
Society Garlic
(Tulbaghia violacea)
P, 2', sun
Green, narrow leaves and lavender flower clusters. Use flowers in salads. Strong flavor

7090NamePlant StatsPrice
(Rumex acetosa)
P, 3', sun
Broad leafy plant with pleasant bitter flavor. Use in soups or salads or steam as vegetable

6030NamePlant StatsPrice
426_70.jpg - 9kbSt Johnswort
(Hypericum perforatum)
P, 3', sun-ps

7096NamePlant StatsPrice
(Stevia Rebaudiana)
P, 2', sun
Sugar substitute

5090NamePlant StatsPrice
426_67.jpg - 10kbSummary Savory
(Satureja hortensis)
A, 18", sun
A favorite herb for flavoring beans, cabbage and sauerkraut. Has peppery flavor.

1470NamePlant StatsPrice
528_43.jpg - 3kbSweet Fennel
(Foeniculum vulgare)
P, 5', sun
Leaves excellent with fish dishes. Also good in soups, salads and stews.

9079NamePlant StatsPrice
Sweet Woodruff
(Asperala odorara)
P, 6-8", shade
Slender creeping rhizome with erect stems and white star-like flowers. Needs full shade.

7099NamePlant StatsPrice
(tagetes Leminnii)
P, 4-5', sun
Gold flower, profuse; blooms in mild winters

8002NamePlant StatsPrice
(Tanacetum vulgare)
P, 3', sun
Green feathery leaves with pretty yellow flowers. Invasive, creeping rootstock with many erect stems.

1560NamePlant StatsPrice
Trailing Germander
(Teucrium chamaedrys)
P, sun
Trailing, cascade over rock walls

1530NamePlant StatsPrice
Tri-color Society Garlic
(T. violacea)
P, 2', sun
Green, white and pinkish foliage

9082NamePlant StatsPrice
426_82.jpg - 9kbUpland Cress
(Barbarea vema)
P, 8", ps
Best cress for gardens. Easy to grow. Adds peppery tang to salads, sandwiches and vegetables.

9076NamePlant StatsPrice
(Valerian Officinalis)
P, 4-5', ps
White flower, medicinal

9085NamePlant StatsPrice
426_80.jpg - 10kbWatercress
(Nasturtium officinalea)
P, 8", sun-ps
Spicy gourmet salad vegetable. Adds peppery tang to breads, salads, soups, fish and sauces; vitamin-rich; needs lots of water

6000NamePlant StatsPrice
426_66.jpg - 9kbWinter Savory
(Satureja montana)
P, 1', sun
Strongly flavored deep green leaves with slightly creeping habit

1490NamePlant StatsPrice
426_44.jpg - 10kbZefa Fino Fennel
(Foeniculum vulgare)
P, 3', sun
Use the bulb in Italian dishes or sautéed

Artemisia Shopping List
8083 Name Plant Stats Price
Silver Mound
(Artemisia schmidtiana)
P, 4-6", sun
Soft, silky, silvery foliage that grows in neat mounds. Lovely accent plant in landscape
(Artemisia abrotanum)
P, 3', sun
Strongly aromatic, gray-green shrub. woody rhizome with erect, irregular branches.grow near the hen house to deter lice,near cabbage to deter cabbage butterfly.
Sweet Annie
(Artemisia annua)
A, 6", sun
Sweet scented leafy green foliage. Dry for sweetly scented wreaths
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